The Impossibility of Femininity


Femininity is not a birthright

but something given or taken away 

on man’s whim.


How could a woman ever define

her own femininity, 

when it is the currency of men

          for status,

          for dominance,

          for silence.

So throw it away, 

let them bicker the definition,

and heed what Korzybski said:

“The word is not the thing.”


Femininity is merely a word 

but you, 

you are a Woman.


A Queen Resides Inside

Queen Mary reigns

Upon this home

Her energy 

Preserved In stone,

In silence

She will make it known

A Queen resides inside.

The legend of a life laid bare-

A royal bed,

Some secret stairs,

The answers whispered 

In the prayer of 

A Queen that resides inside.


Imprisoned in a 

woeful state

for 19 years,

Resigned to fate,

              And fate 


In death she waits

While men laze on the lawn.

Their lips drip with 


Feign questions of 


And in their frenzy

Cannot see

A Queen resides inside.

The entertainment

Damned them blind,

The wine contempt

The glass their mind

And so I fear they’ll never find 

A Queen resides inside.


Today I Thought of Hedy Lamarr


Hedy Lamarr:

Hollywood Actress, 





Probably in that order according to most men, 

if inventor makes the cut at all.

Her brilliance ignored,

Hedy spent her life 

wishing to be seen as more than just 

a pretty face. 


I thought-

It’s not in vain, 

If we claim the ruins

of walls brought down by women before

and do our part to shatter what’s left.


And then, 

I thought-

I hope the women 

who come behind

will say the same of us.




My Ma,
  9 wains she brought to life,
  9 wains she nurtured wae her breast.
My Ma,
  9 wains she taught a strength 

   through life's misfortune and unrest.
  But when Ma calls herself a Mother
  others sneer and turn away,

   to speak instead to men and lawyers
  - of higher class and better pay.
My Ma,
  and other Mas who wear
  the lies these people dress you in,
  your hidden curves and covered breasts
  hold power men have labelled sin.
Oh Mas,
  do not apologise
  to those who simply cannot see
  the utmost beauty of your role,

as Ma 

of us,
as Ma

of me.

The Human Condition

Look for yourself in your mother-

It is a sure way to see

that people are more alike 

than they may care to admit,

no matter how much they protest.


Then you will see the human condition

that one is no different from the other,

the individual is society,

and society a mirror of oneself.


The Greatest Crime Against Women 


The greatest  crime against women

is that we don’t respect them as Mothers.

As beings capable 

of bringing life into our world,

and nurturing it with their own bodies-

as many have,

and many will.



is a blessing,

but never gruelling.

A joy,

but don’t call it work.


Put oil on your scars,

wrap the corset around your waist,

and hide your swollen breasts.

Then maybe 

-just maybe- 

they can erase the evidence 

that you have powers beyond measure,

and shame you into believing

that it’s just 

another day at the office.