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Welcome To My World!

Introducing your behind the scene glimpse into my life and my journey as a member of 'The Logans'.

Hello, I’m Honor. I’m 1/3 of the County-trio, ‘The Logans’ with my sisters Leona and Tayler, and I have decided to blog.

I've resisted the urge to write about my journey as a member of 'The Logans' for a while now; fearing i'd overstep the mark from interesting to annoying over-sharer. However, in the past few months i've realised how wonderful our journey has been, in both the hard parts and the beautiful parts, and have come to believe that sharing the whole process with anyone from hard-core Loganator to the slightly curious can be beneficial. It's easy to share the glamorous parts of my journey with you all but the less pretty side is just as important for a life fully lived. I've learned from fans, friends, and loved ones that sharing our story and our truth is one of the most powerful tools that we have to understand ourselves, others, and our often messy lives. Who are 'The Logans'? Well, we’re sisters.

So let’s begin there...

We grew up in a family of 9 (11 if you include our parents) in Glasgow’s East-End. That’s 6 girls and 3 boys, if you were wondering- think Cheaper by the dozen, subtract 2 kids and add a dash of Absolutely Fabulous and Bottom. Ok, I’m being a cheeky but it speaks for the temperament I grew up around. With a hardworking, charismatic dad and extremely wise, witty, and wild mum, we grew up with encouragement to be freely creative and to pursue our dreams. There is a total freedom in that. This is largely where the seeds were planted to become ‘The Logans’, all those years ago.

Thinking back, my parents were patient to the point of saintly. We pushed our creative freedom to its limits, and nightly band performances were a must. Unfortunately, I can’t say they were really anything worth a standing ovation. This varied from playing X-Factor (our parents had to be the judges of course), to writing our own musicals (20p entry was a given). We even forced our parents to listen to our progress in whatever instrument we had decided to take up (I played trumpet badly for 6 years- I am so sorry, mum and dad).

One of our biggest advantages is that we came from very little, and when you come from little you have nothing to lose from being whatever you want to be. Everything is exciting when you grow up appreciating the little things. When things aren’t going so smoothly we push through because there are much better things to look ahead to, than back to. That’s what makes us strong as sisters and as a band. We know where we’ve been and we are excited about where we are going. We have learned to fearlessly support each other. Our parent’s and siblings continue to love and support us through all of our highs and lows. When we don't win, it's ok- there's a lesson to learn. Our mum still comes to anything we ask of her- and this is almost everything- I’ll never be too old to need my mum!

Just over a year ago we took the plunge and decided to pursue the band full time, no distractions. This was a big change for all of us who were either in uni, or just graduating from uni. I was at a cross roads as to whether to study for my doctorate, Tayler didn’t know if the duo she was in was really right for her anymore, and Leona was wondering if she should go on to practice dentistry. As fate would have it, we were all at a cross roads together trying to sort through our confusion, when an opportunity arose to seriously become a band. Strangely, for all of it’s insecurity and unpredictability, for all three of us the answer was a resounding ‘yes’. I think something in us always knew that this was the right path for us- whatever the outcome.

Country music has become our thing. The UK is becoming more accepting of country music and thank god, because it is so, so good (and perfect timing for us as a band)! There’s an honesty in country that speaks to us. As I write this, I’m listening to Kacey Musgraves, To June This Morning, thinking, “this is it, the kind of music that I want to make”. My sisters and I are story tellers who love to sing you a story that makes you think "I that about me? How did you know?"- that’s the joy of music, we feel free to express our experiences and are reminded that other people are on similar journey- it connects us.

I hope this blog becomes an extension of my sisters and I’s music, connecting you to The Logans and that you get to be a part of our journey, through the great and the not-so-great, and remember that we’re not so different after all.

This blog will share with you my everyday thoughts, along with more serious subjects, and I would love you to share your own journey with me.

This is about me and my life with ‘The Logans’; a few insights into band life, sister life, family life, and my life. I hope you can take something useful from it,

H x

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