Let Yourself Grow


Let yourself grow 

like the pink flowers

that climb up the trees

and squeeze themselves

through the cracks 

of cemented brick walls.

The rain only nurtures them

no matter how heavy it falls.

They are gentle

but will not be denied.


Why Not Leave It Alone?


Why can we not enjoy a thing

without the urge to make it ‘mine’?

The need to be fulfilled

       by someone

       or something,

takes something pure

and turns it into an ugly business.

Why not leave it alone 

and know it's not 

an extension of you,

but a thing

in its own right.

So enjoy it

but leave it alone

before you strip it of its beauty,

and it becomes

just another

picture on the wall.


A Wink In Time

To gaze up at a distant star

that feels so near and yet so far,

now suddenly I know I must

be to a star no more than dust.


To live a billion years or so

the stars will watch us come and go,

and when we leave the stars must think

our time on earth is but a wink.

The Poor Beast 

We are very good 

at pointing out

the world's problems 

as we see them.

As if the hand that's pointing

is not attached to the very thing itself,

as if the problem exists externally to us,

-our eyes only see outward afterall-

an ugly beast to be 

fought and slain.


when we realise

the problem is us,

we will finally know


and the poor beast

can rest.


Angus O’Reilly


Angus O'Reilly, 

oh what a sight!

You don't want to bump 

into Angus at night!


Angus O'Reilly, 

oh what a flurry!

Angus could forget

his head in a hurry!


Angus O'Reilly, 

oh what a mouth!

Angus could talk 

'til the birds migrate south!


But Angus O'Reilly,

oh what a heart,

and that's what sets 

Angus O'Reilly apart.


Art Transcends Success


Success is weighed 

and measured by thought.

Conditioned by society

in its fear

and sickness,

is always old and decaying.


Art transcends success

for it is always new.

Created by the heart

in complete abandonment,

art is a freedom

that thought cannot grasp,

and so,

attempts to smother it

until it joins success

in death.



An Unexpected Discovery

Look for the uniqueness 

in another's face.

There you will find beauty;

and you will smile from ear to ear,

and your eyes will sparkle

with the joy of discovering

a precious diamond,

where you were sure 

you had looked 

many times before.


Inward Beauty

When I tell you

that you're beautiful, 

I mean it.

Not beautiful 

like the glossy images

of a magazine.

I hope you don't take offence,

that kind of beauty 

Is really just a fashion 

that next year 

will be branded old news.


When I tell you 

that you're beautiful,

I mean that nature 

has taken her time

crafting something

wholly unique

and timeless-

A kind of complete abandonment 

that  cannot be held or captured

for all of the magazines in the world.






To be alone 

is not to be lonely.

To be alone is to recognise

that you are never truly alone.


There is only relationship.

relationship with;







A curious paradox,

to be alone

is to realise you are



to all things,

and could never be alone

even if you tried.



little Bird

Not the size of my hand

Sings a song sweet enough

That I stop in my tracks.

Are you singing 

So that I may stop to admire

The perfection of your tone

Or the joy you inspire?

But i’m sure that you sing

For the sake of the song,

It needs no explaining

To do so is wrong.

Only one as distracted 

And worried as me

Could hear such a song

And not instantly see,

That a Bird doesn’t care 

If I leave or I stay

It will flit through the trees 

And sing anyway.


Space Beyond Time


When you create,

there is a space beyond time 

- maybe not quite a space-

an opening.

Something that just is.


I wonder, 

is it a glimpse

of life as it was intended to be?

An uninterrupted flow,

uncontaminated by emotion,

free of decision.

Something that just is,

before thought returns to spoil it all.



The charcoal skies rest sleepily 

on rooftops made of led,

the seagulls huddle restlessly 

before they turn to bed.

The street lamps warm the tenements 

like a golden winter’s fire,

and I am warmed by 

your modest charm

that many must admire.


The stars they peer out cautiously 

from the safety of the moon,

I watch them from my window 

and I know they'll leave me soon.

The street lamps warm the tenements 

like a golden winter’s fire,

and I am warmed by 

your modest charm

that many must admire.


There are further places calling

but you're a world unto your own.

Your dirty streets and roughened edge

are  all that I have known.

If I must go then must I lose 

a cherished part of me?

It's hard to know the answers

when my favourite thing to see

is the street lamps warm the tenements 

like a golden winter’s fire,

as I am warmed by 

your modest charm

that many must admire.

In Times Like This


In times like this

there is a compassion 

to be learned

and extended

but instead 

it is easier

to make a victim 

of oneself

and hide under

the comfort of

another's compassion

and miss it altogether.