Perfect Imperfections


There was a Bear called Honey 

who loved a Bird called Lee,

they were the strangest couple 

but were happy as could be.

Honey’s friend Jill called her crazy, 

“You must be off your head! 

He has no fur, no paws, no ears, 

he is no good.” Jill said,

“We have all been thinking 

you should find another guy.”


Honey leaned upon a tree 

and to Jill she replied,

“I love him like the sunset 

that burns softly overhead-

I would not change the yellow, 

or the orange, or the red.

His perfect imperfections 

make him perfect as can be,

if we were all perfectly perfect 

there would be no you, or me!

If I wished he was a bear, 

well, I'd wish my life away,

Instead of being grateful 

for the love I have each day.”


There was a moments silence 

as Jill took in what was said,

she gazed out at the sunset- 

the yellow, the orange, and red.

“Honey”, Jill softly whispered 

as she turned her head away,

“I am in love with Ted the Toad, 

I was just too scared to say.”

All That You Are Is Made Up of Stars

There once was a pig with a terrible thought,

she wished she could be everything she was not.

One starry night the pig sat by a lake,

when she saw her reflection she started to shake.

“I’m rolly, I’m polly, I’m pink and I’m small.

How could anyone love me?”, the little pig bawled.

A porcupine, who was resting nearby,

was stirred by the pain in the little pigs cries.

He climbed through the reeds and cut through the fog,

where the piggy was sitting alone on a log.

“There, there, little pig”, the porcupine soothed,

“How could someone so special be feeling so blue?”

The pig gave a sniffle and wiped her eyes clean,

“When you say that I’m special, what do you mean?”


“Do you know where you come from

-the truth is bizarre-

has anyone told you you’re made up of stars?

From the tips of your trotters to the top of your head,

it’s all made of stardust”, the porcupine said.

“How could you not love all that you are,

when all that you are is made up of stars?

And just like those stars you’re a beacon of light,

holding hope for tomorrow In the darkest of nights.

When you wish on a star, know it’s wishing on you,

that you’ll see you are perfect in all that you do.


Now, look up at the sky, all those beautiful stars!

How can you be alone when that’s what you are?

From the birds in the trees, to the trees themselves too,

we’re all made up of stars- and yes, that means you!

So when you feel lonely, and you need to get through,


you’re a star, and you’re magical too.”


Ronnie and Blue


Every evening after school, 

Ronnie went to pay a visit

to his auntie Linda May, 

not a day he ever missed it.

If you’ve ever heard of Ronnie 

there’s one thing you’ll know is true,

that he did not go to see his aunt 

but his auntie’s dog called Blue.


After talking to his aunt

-Linda May was quite the blether-

Ronnie took his chance, 

when she turned her back, 

and she chatted about the weather.

He would sneak out of the kitchen,

like a rocket he would zoom,

all the way along the hall

until he reached the living room.


Before he opened up the door

Something strange began to happen

the biggest sniff you have ever heard,

and some paws were tippy tapping.

Ronnie burst right through the door

and faster than a star in space,

Blue would leap into his arms

and lick all over Ronnie’s face.


Ronnie and Blue were ecstatic,

they couldn’t ask for more,

Ronnie carried Blue into the room

and sat down on the floor.

Ronnie reached into his pocket,

Big Blue’s eyes began to glint-

you see, 

Both Blue and Ronnie’s favourite thing

was to share a packet of polo mints.


Now Ronnie only had one dream,

he wished it would come true-

the only thing he ever asked

was to walk his beloved Blue.

“No chance” said Linda May,

“Ronnie Smith you’re just too wee

and Blue is stronger than she looks,

she’ll drag you up and down the street!”


As life would sadly have it

40 year ago today,

Ronnies parents bought a brand new house

and he had to move away.

Not a single day would pass when

Ronnie wouldn’t think of Blue,

he lived too far to visit

there was nothing he could do.


Ronnie made himself a promise

on the day he turned 22,

he would use his birthday money

and buy a car to visit Blue.

On the morning of his birthday,

Ronnie had waited for quite a while,

he bought that car 

with Blue on his mind 

and drove 500 miles.


He hurtled through the door,

never mind aunt Linda May,

there was something more important

on his mind that special day.

He didn't waste one second

like a rocket he did zoom,

all the way along the hall

until he reached the living room.


Before he opened up the door

something strange began to happen,

the biggest sniff you have ever heard

and some paws were tippy tapping.

Ronnie burst straight the door

but much to his surprise,

old Blue began to snarl,

a frightened look was in her eyes.


The problem now was Blue was old

her eyes were not what they used to be,

she didn't know this towering boy 

that stood at 6 foot 3.

But Ronnie had a plan 

it was sure to calm Blues temper,

it was something that they shared,

he was sure she would remember.


Ronnie reached into his pocket

big Blue’s eyes began to glint,

you see, 

Ronnie had never forgotten 

old Blues favourite was Polo Mints.

Blue began to cry 

and Faster than a star in space,

leaped into his arms

And licked all over Ronnie’s face.


There was one thing left to do, 

old Blue gave a knowing bark.

Ronnie was going to walk his beloved Blue

around the whole of Arthurlie park.

Ronnie walked old Blue for hours,

round and round the park they twirled,

he stopped to show every passer by

the best dog in the world.


To this very day

and to the disdain of his wife,

Ronnie carries a packet of Polo Mints

to remember the best day of his life.


Everything Changes

There once was a Hippo who was so full of sorrow,

he had no hope for today and no hope for tomorrow.

Now this may seem odd, maybe even quite funny,

as the Hippo had friends, his family and money.

Why was the Hippo so painfully sad?

His low disposition made others quite mad.

“What have you to moan at, why are you so down?

There are animals here with real reasons to frown.

Shake yourself off and pick up your head,

just get over yourself.” the other animals said.

A Kangaroo, who was hopping ahead

saw the grief stricken Hippo

and turned back and said,

“You look like a Hippo who could do with a friend,

I’ve got two big ears that I’m happy to lend.

What can be matter, why are you upset?

You’re the saddest of Hippo’s that I’ve ever met!”

The Hippo sighed from the depth of his chest,

he tucked in his tail and sat down to rest.

“I'm not sure that I can really explain

I think that's there's something quite wrong with my brain.

I want to be happy but deep down I'm low,

the sadness just follows wherever I go.

I once loved the flowers, I once loved the stream,

but now when I look I don't feel anything.

I don't know when it started It's all a big haze”,

the Hippo reflected and lowered his gaze.

“It might have began when I lost my blue kite,

or when I fell in the river and got quite a fright.

Now that I'm thinking there could be a chance

It was when Lemur told me I was too big to dance.

Where it all started, I really don't know

but I can’t seem to shake it, it won’t let me go!

The Kangaroo smiled and nodded her head,

she sat down with the Hippo and tenderly said,

“Healing’s a process and sometimes it's long,

forget what they've told you about being strong.

You don’t need to stuff all your feelings away

or pretend to be somebody else for the day.

It's brave to share what you're feeling aloud,

we all only suffer by being too proud.”

“Well”, said the Hippo, as his bottom lip quaked,

“sometimes I am sure I must be a mistake.

if I just closed my eyes and disappeared in the air,

I wonder would anyone notice or care?”

The Kangaroo paused to take it all in,

“Sometimes loving yourself is the place to begin.

What are you seeking, what have you to prove,

are you not worthy of love by just being you?

Can you trust that with kindness and some patience too,

things can start to get better for you?

All things must pass, even sadness too, 

just look around” said the Kangaroo.

“Watch the birds leave in winter, leaves fall from the trees,

the tide that must always return to the sea.

Everything changes, that’s how life must be,

that also applies to you and to me.

With that the poor Hippo let out a big cry

“I don’t know where these tears came from 

and I don’t know why.

He sniffled and wiped down his tears with a leaf,

“But the strangest of things is I feel some relief.

Thank you for listening you've been very kind,

it was all weighing heavily here on my mind.

I think that my healing may take some more time,

but now that we've spoken, I think that's just fine.


You Become What You Believe

There was a little caterpillar sat upon a tree, 

pondering the things when on the ground

he could not see. 

“Oh tree”, he said, 

“remember when you were as small as me?

Buried underneath the soil a tiny little seed? 

How did you grow to be so tall 

and see so many things? 

I could do the same as you if only I had wings!” 

“Well little one,” replied the tree,

“it all starts in your mind, 

your doubts and negativity you have to leave behind. 

Be brave, dream big, 

and don’t be scared to just go with the breeze. 

When things get tough remember, 

you become what you believe!”


Earth Is Full Of Heaven

There was a dog that would not sit

and neither would he stand.

He did not have the patience

so he ran,

and ran,

and ran.

Nothing seemed to satisfy 

his forward-thinking mind.

Before he’d finish the task at hand,

there was something else to find.

He dashed along the hilltops,

he hurtled through the glens,

the only word that filled his head was




Upon the highest hilltop

and in a crooked tree,

there sat a golden eagle

who was still as still could be.

The dog began to wonder 

what had caught the Eagle’s eye,

was there something in the water

was there something in the sky?

“Eagle”, called the Dog

from the wiry grass below,

“why are you simply sitting there

have you nowhere else to go?

I’ll tell you now there’s nothing here

but dirt, and grass, and rain.

I’ve seen it all before,” he said,

“It’s really all the same.”


The eagle did not break her gaze

but gave a knowing smile,

“you might see something new,” she said,

“just stay a little while.

Oh dog,” she sang,

“How can you miss 

the beauty at your door?

I could stay up here forever

and then stay up here some more!

Look at how the silver light

wakens up the sleepy skies,

how the sun kisses the hills good morning

as it starts to rise.

Can you smell the misty air,

with its promise of today?

Can you feel the grass caress your back

wishing you to stay?”


The dog was so in awe

he could barely even speak,

he saw the beauty of the hills,

their curves, their dips and peaks.

he saw the raindrops dance 

like confetti in the sky,

how the wind would whisper softly

in his ear as it flowed by.

“You see,” the eagle said

with a voice so wise and kind,

“the only thing that holds you back 

is what’s inside your mind.

Breathe in for four and listen close,

breathe out and count to seven.

If you free your mind,

you might just find

that earth is full of heaven.”

Naughty Judy

Judy was a naughty dog

who did a lot of naughty things,

like chasing sheep around the farm,

and trying to catch crows by their wings.

She liked to make a lot of noise

and bark, and bark, all through the day.

She never seemed to settle down,

she always had to get her way.

Well, that's how some might think of Judy,

they say that naughty makes you bad,

you better do as you are told,

and if you don't then they'll get mad!

Only speak when you are spoken to,

be sure to raise your hand,

now sit nicely for a treat,

and give a paw at their command.

But pups are made for being naughty

no one wants a boring dog!

If you do, perhaps reconsider,

and get yourself a nice pet log.

A log would never bark for hours

rather nicely it would sit,

at your feet just by the couch

-no need to worry about walking it!

I'm simply not convinced 

that being naughty is a vice,

are you sure there's much to gain 

in life by always being nice?

Being naughty really means

that you know how to use your brain,

you're not a puppet on a string,

you're not a toy to entertain.

Everybody needs a

little bit of Judy in their life,

if that’s asking all your questions

or playing tricks on your old wife.

It's the only thing to keep you young

and stop your hair from growing grey,

a little naughtiness reveals 

the magic in each day.

Now, promise me one thing,

to keep you smart and young and kind-

take a leaf from Judy's book

and just be naughty, pay no mind, 

to those who call you bad or rude, 

or say, “why can't you act like me?”

Tell them that you’re naughty

and that's the best thing you can be.